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Novel set anywhere and everywhere in the world

19th July 2021

The Beresford by Will Carver, novel set anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Novel set anywhere and everywhere in the world

Your daughter leaves home and moves into a big house with a bunch of strangers that is run by an old woman who drinks all day and listens to strange music and cries when she prays, the person you want showing her around town is Abe Schwarz. 

The guests who come to live at The Beresford are like a cast of misfits and charmers who pass through the revolving doors of the establishment. Who is about arrive? But the bigger question is, who has just departed? The inhabitants are overseen by Mrs May, who has her routine which never changes despite the events happening right there under her nose.

The Beresford was a halfway house for the disenchanted and disenfranchised…

Blair Conroy has left her small town home to live at The Beresford and soon bumps into the highly regarded Abe – the book loving Joe Goldberg of The Beresford. He has had a run in with Sythe, his near neighbour and before you really understand what is happening, Abe is researching how to dispose of body parts. Then Gail arrives and life at The Beresford takes a new turn, until the next player arrives on the stage.

Just think of the final refrain of Hotel California by The Eagles:

You can check-out any time you like. But you can never leave! This is The Beresoford writ large.

There are backstories and religion and good and bad and plain odd. Gargantuan issues, little skirmishes, the whole gamut of life is here.

The author has such a succinct and crisp writing style and throws in some dark humour. There are frissons and fun moments whilst bodies are being carvered (that’s deliberate given the author’s surname) in the most detailed way.

I shall leave you now in order to go and dip some apples slices into almond butter (as advocated in the novel) which sounds like a wholesome response to the sordidly entertaining story.

Tina for the TripFiction Team

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