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Novel set in Courchevel (Riotous romp in the Alps)

22nd November 2012

Clamped by David Blackwell, novel set in Courchevel

“On the fleeting but beautiful occasions when the snow provided no unwanted surprises, riding on the powder felt  like floating on air, as their boards marshmallowed over the surface, sinking then rising… sinking then rising again with each turn. It was  so deliciously  smooth,  like frothy whipped cream or melting butter, that when they sprayed one another in the face with snow, none of them could resist the temptation to lick their lips before the cold speeding air froze the particles to their skin” (from Clamped by David Blackwell)

1411656067.01.ZTZZZZZZGet yourself in the mood for the “The Season” with this light read, that brings The Alps to life. Set in Courchevel, it is a jaunty look at what goes on behind the scenes of a typical snowsport holiday (really?), both real and fanciful; there are chalet maids (er, lads), luscious lovelies, thunderous thugs and lots of boarding. True, no mention of Jäger Bombs – but then they weren’t in vogue when the book was originally published, but dig this: snorting Absinthe….

Off for a Glühwein – or should it be a Schümli Pflümli, perhaps? What are your favourite Après Ski drinks? Anything new out there?

Tina for the TripFiction Team

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