Moscow Rules

  • Book: Moscow Rules
  • Location: Courchevel, Italy, Moscow
  • Author: Daniel Silva



Having been to Moscow in the late 1980s I expected this book to be full of descriptions of the Moscow tourist highlights that I remembered. However the descriptions which brought Moscow to life for me were those of the Soviet architecture such as the scale of the Lenin era apartment blocks and also the attention given to the small details that create the feel of the city – the billboards, the statues, the contrast between the flashy cars of the rich and the smoky ladas. If I was to visit again now after reading this novel I would be watching over my shoulder for KGB, spies and arms dealers!
The story is not just set in Moscow, but rather it flies around Europe with Umbria, Rome, France and London all having key parts to play. In all of these places Daniel Silva sets the scene with descriptions that conjure up the atmosphere of the location. I found this thriller gripping and more believable and realistic than some similar books that I have read.

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