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Moscow Rules

Moscow Rules

Author(s): Daniel Silva

Location(s): Courchevel, Italy, Moscow

Genre(s): Thriller

Era(s): 2000s



The violent death of a journalist leads secret agent Gabriel Allon to Russia. But this is not the grim Moscow of Soviet times, but a new Moscow, awash in oil wealth and in thrall to a new generation of rich Stalinists plotting to challenge an old enemy: the United States.

One such man is Ivan Kharkov, a former KGB colonel whose global empire is built on a lucrative and deadly business. Kharkov is an arms dealer – and he’s about to sell Russia’s most dangerous weapon to al-Qaeda. Unless Allon can learn the time and place of delivery, the world will suffer its deadliest terror attack since 9/11.

The countdown to Armageddon has begun . . .

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Lead Review

Moscow Rules involves itself in the politics of modern Russia and the activities of the oligarchs and former KGB agents who are still very much in evidence. A great feel for modern day Russia/Moscow....

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