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Romance novel set in the YORKSHIRE DALES and LONDON

29th July 2020

The Switch by Beth O’Leary, romance novel set in the Yorkshire Dales and London.

Romance novel set in the YORKSHIRE DALES and LONDON

Granddaughter Leena is in London and is, practically, a workaholic. She is however asked to take two months paid leave because she messed up on a presentation. Grandmother Eileen, living in the Yorkshire Dales, a mere 79 years of age, is kicking her heals and fancies a bit of an adventure. The switch is how Leena goes to living the Dales in her grandmother’s house for two months and Eileen goes to London to live in Leena’s flat.

Both are coming to terms with the loss of Leena’s sister, Clara, through cancer and Leena is so angry at her mother because her mother supported Clara in not having one final stab at treatment. Her anger knows no bounds and they are virtually estranged. Grandmother Eileen tries to soothe the ruffled feathers between her daughter and granddaughter.

It’s all change, then. Eileen in London is making inroads into a fulfilling love life. Todd, her new actor beau, charms the pants off her (er, literally), as she juggles her love life and Leena’s friends. Up in Yorkshire, Leena is taking on the weekly tasks carried out by her grandmother, in the cutesy village where she lives. Plus there is handsome Jackson. She can certainly see he is an attractive man but she is in a relationship with Ethan, back down in London and she is awaiting a weekend visit from him. Besides, she puts her foot in it immediately with Jackson when she takes Hank, his dog, for a walk and it doesn’t go well. Life may be quieter up in the Yorkshire Dales but it is certainly not without its drama!

There is a good mix of ingredients that you would expect to find in a romantic novel, indeed, a romcom at times – a heart breaking issue, fun, and love interests. It is a sweet read, a little predictable at times, as each woman embraces the other woman’s life.

Tina for the TripFiction Team

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