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Romcom set on LIPARI

4th September 2023

One Summer in Sicily by Nancy Barone, romcom set on Lipari.

Romcom set on LIPARI

Meet Gillian who is about to do her utmost to get her marriage back on track. She and her husband Tony have a 20 year old daughter and she is clear that she has invested a huge amount of time caring for their adult offspring, probably at the expense of her marriage. Now is the time to refocus on the couple relationship.

Tony has gone to a conference on Lipari, an island off the coast of Sicily. He is a plastic surgeon. She decides to surprise him and packs all kinds of ravishing things in her suitcase, which promptly goes missing in transit. She thus arrives with nothing, just herself (which should be enough!) and is given access to his hotel room. She is, however, in for a big surprise. He has clearly been dating a much younger woman, to whom, she discovers he intends to get engaged. She is shocked to her core. As she runs out of the hotel and into the chaos of the surrounding area, a serendipitous accident lands her almost in the arms of Matti, who seems to be in a relationship with Sandra. As a kindly couple they scoop her up and offer accommodation whilst she sorts herself out.

There are plenty of slapstick comedic moments as Gillian gets herself back on track and learns to love herself (and just maybe A N Other😉). A cheery and fast moving romcom, with plenty of pastries to get the reader drooling. There is a nice sense of the island.

Tina for the TripFiction Team

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