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Short stories set in Pattaya, Thailand

19th January 2019

Return to the Go-Go by William Peskett, short stories set in Pattaya, Thailand.

Short stories set in Pattaya, Thailand

William Peskett has written short essays, under the name of Khun Pobaan. These originally appear as a column in a local newspaper and thus they are short and quite often on point, well written and humorous. He is married to Mrs Pobaan, lives at Khao Talo Towers in Pattaya (Funtown) and shares his insights, experiences and thoughts on his adopted country, and specifically Pattaya, which is known for the “go-go’ bar. He himself says:

“Readers who have no connection with Funtown may call the essays collected in this book no more than the blatherings of a demented lay-about, but those who have reason to visit Pattaya for their holidays or the sense to make it their permanent home know differently”

The style of writing is certainly indicative of an older male writer in both observations (of women, usually younger) and in turns of phrase (echoed in our review of The Honest Tribe by Max Boyle – memoir set in Finland).  He has his lady wife at home whom he metaphorically pats on the head in a loving but condescending manner, tongue in cheek of course!

In the story Except with Toenails he talks, for example, about how his wife adds to a discussion, and refers to her as his beloved appending her comments. (The eponymous toenails of the title mustn’t, apparently, be cut on a Wednesday for fear of garnering a headache or, even worse, flu).

You will learn a bit about the go-go bar of the title and about his attempts at learning the language (use the incorrect inflection and you could muddle ‘mat’, ‘shirt’ and ‘tiger’ which could lead to certain difficulties). Further, Songkhran is the annual water festival and you are particularly susceptible to water attack if you are on a moped or on foot; indeed, there are  innumerable public holiday celebrating this or that in Thailand. Walking Street in Pattaya beckons, well, walkers (pedestrians seem relieved to have a designated area to walk, as ordinarily one would be tripping over pavement potholes elsewhere in the city). The reader discovers that if you are on a motorcycle it is compulsory to wear a helmet but it seems only 53% of drivers and 19% of passengers seem to do so.

There is also a light overlay of prurience, given no doubt Funtown as the location of these musings, a town which is well known for its seedy sides. This is an interesting ramble through culture and mores and will ease you into this part of the world. The writing style, although genial and quite often entertaining, probably wasn’t wholly for me.

Tina for the TripFiction Team

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