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Novel set in New Orleans (“blooming musical culture and aromatic racial mix”)

14th February 2015

Skid by Roland Watson-Grant, novel set in New Orleans.

IMG_0244Roland Watson-Grant has done it again!  Oh, I’ve been waiting for ages to begin a review like that, and now I legitimately can!  Skid has been one of the best books I’ve ever read, its quality parallel to Sketcher, the first part of this wondrous adventure into the coming of age of Terence Beaumont.  Very rarely do we see that from a new author.

The feeling of dream and magic that is conveyed through the pages of this book will give anyone the sensation of experiencing Skid’s own joys and tribulations, his confusion and his rush, and most of all, his sudden understanding of the past, present and future of his family and situation.  The story itself will keep you glued to it till you reach the ending, and then you’ll probably want to read it again because you already miss the characters so much that you can’t bear to part with them so soon (keep in mind that the writing flows so gracefully that you might stop noticing the pass of time here in the outside world… but that might not matter, because all we’d want anyway is to continue exploring the streets of New Orleans, the swamp, and the Beaumonts’ lives).

Speaking about New Orleans, another important thing to praise is the rhythm with which New Orleans crosses into a new decade and sways to the blooming musical culture and aromatic racial mix; this will make you want to go out for dinner and dancing, or vice versa, depending on the time of day or night or whether the food mentioned and the colourful characters that hold it out to you make such an impression that you’ll rush out to the nearest takeaway or to the grocery store for condiments.  New Orleans in the nineties, walked with swanky white sneakers and populated by musical notes and smells of cumin, honeysuckle and magic, will have you entranced and wanting more… and Skid’s telling of the story will have you connecting with intensity and delight!

Yes, grab this book and revel in it…  I don’t want to say more because I don’t want to give away absolutely anything from the story, otherwise many twists and turns might be ruined, when all they should be is enjoyed!

Sandra for the TripFiction Team

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