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Tarot murder mystery set in Barnes, London

5th October 2017

The Prime of Ms Dolly Greene by E V Harte, Tarot murder mystery set in Barnes, London.

In slightly other-worldly Tinderbox Lane lives Dolly Greene, Tarot reader and all round good egg. She lives with her adult daughter Pippa in a tiny house in a tiny street where neighbours frequently bump into each other. She is perceived by many as the woman who in involved in “funny magic business“.

Tarot murder mystery set in Barnes

Her closest neighbour is Maurice Bousquet, originally from St Lucia, who can cook an exotic curry. They have a nice neighbourly relationship but are not in each other’s pockets. And Mr and Mrs Buck, who seem an ill-matched and wealthy couple, who have created their riches through a plumbing business.

Much like the magic and messages of the Tarot cards, the story takes shape as relationships are revealed and mysteries unfurled. The body of a dead woman is found in the river Thames, and Dolly is most concerned it might be a client she has recently seen, called Nikki, who seemingly came to her via Maurice. Dolly is accumulating ethereal messages that are coming at her thick and fast, but her interpretation skills are being tested and she struggles to make sense of the whole picture. Death certainly comes to Tinderbox Lane but there is also romance in the air, in the shape of a handsome police officer, heralded in the cards as true love and a meeting of the minds.

But solving a murder through the cards? Dolly certainly has the magical language of the Tarot to further the investigations. It is a cosy and uplifting murder mystery that bowls along with Dolly, a  warm and pragmatic soul at the heart of the unfolding story.

This is the first in the series and the second is due out May 2018, the third is plotted and work will start early 2018.

Tina for the TripFiction Team

Can you do Tarot via Skype? Yes, you can and it works extremely well. I had a consultation with Daisy Waugh, who writes as E V Harte:

I talked to Daisy about how she came to become involve in Tarot readings. Much of her work to date has been historical which requires a lot of research and which can be a very lonely occupation. Randomly one day, she found herself drawn to a day course in Tarot reading in London’s Covent Garden, and as many do, anticipatory about what was really involved, she trembled at the thought of finding the Death Card. For her, however, it proved to be a truly magical experience and a new door opened for her. The subsequent learning really changed how she interacts with the world and those around her. Of course, reading and interpreting Tarot cards is a hugely responsible task and Daisy does it superbly.

Essentially, she says, it is taking the temperature of where you are now, it reflects someone’s current position, and the choice is then yours to be proactive and perhaps work on change of the status quo if necessary. So, I embarked on a Tarot reading with her and here is how it went:

After shuffling and cutting, she sorted the cards into stacks of my choice, I chose 3 rather 4. Then I chose ten cards we she laid out as an overview in the form of a Celtic Cross. She then perused the combinations – it is important how the cards come up together, and even the Death Card, which everyone fears, in a certain combination can simply mean an ending of one period of life.

Tarot murder mystery set in Barnes

One of the cards in my spread

How was it for me personally? I was mesmerised by the acuity of her reading. There were a lot of Swords in my spread and I am looking forward to more lightness and change and a period of up-coming contentment.

I am still letting all the observations settle and will no doubt be pondering for a while to come. The experience with Daisy felt containing and warm, pragmatic, with a real confidence that crossed through Skype to me. A rewarding and extremely interesting experience. Thank you, Daisy!

If you fancy a reading, do contact Daisy via her website. Skype readings are available for those who can’t get to see her in person in London. You can also catch her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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