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Top Recommendations in SARDINIA from Marco Polo Guides – PLUS GIVEAWAY

22nd March 2017

Come and join our current read on #TFBookClub set in Sardinia and Dorset!

We are now reading Rosanna Ley’s “The Little Theatre By the Sea” set in Sardinia and Dorset. There is still plenty of time to read along and joint the discussion with us, just follow this link


fullsizeoutput_294dOur interest in Sardinia has definitely been piqued by reading this novel. So we hand over to the wonderful people at Marco Polo Guides who will transport you in the blink of an eye to the wonder that is this fabulous Mediterranean island off the coast of Italy! Here are some of their top tips….

Plus WIN three copies of Marco Polo’s “Perfect Days in Sardinia with Insider Tips”! Check out the amazing things to do and see in Sardinia. Just leave a comment below and tell us where you would like to visit in Sardinia! First 3 names out of the hat on 1st April win a copy each.


Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 18.06.48



When the heat of the day slowly abates and the setting sun glows across the Golfo degli Ángeli, the “Gulf of Angels”, the inhabitants of the capital and its visitors flock to the “balcony” of Cagliari, to the Bastion of Saint Remy. You can see people strolling around the plaza, playing with their grandchildren, sitting flirting on the walls or enjoy­ing the refreshing evening breeze over an aperitivo at a bar.


Sardinian beach: Skiingmax

FAIRY HOUSES & GIANTS’ TOMBS (mentioned in the novel!)

Sardinia is an ancient island. Nowhere else in Europe has as many prehistoric sites. The most visible evidence of this is seen in the innumerable nuraghi, the towers named after the mysterious Nuraghic civilization who built them. You can discover many undeveloped giants’ tombs, fairy houses, holy wells, temples and cult sites. No one can deny the magic and mystical aura sur­rounding these places.


A beach paradise set against a spectacular backdrop. The Spiaggia de La Cinta is a beach paradise between a crystal ­clear sea and white sand speckled pink by the flamingos. Rising majestically in front of it like a monster from the waves is the Tavolara massif. Here you can meet, swim and surf, or try your hand at paragliding. The cool and inviting beach bars serve ice­cold cocktails.

Sardinian beach

Capo Testa: BurgerQueen1979


Regardless of whether it is the sheep­shearing period, harvest time or the village saint’s special day, the Sardinians can always find a reason to have a celebration. These tradi­tional festivities offer wonderful opportunities to become acquainted with the soul of the Sardinians, their hospitality, their cuisine and cultural traditions. Make sure you attend one of the many local events celebrated together with everyone in the community. Guests are always welcome!


Antipasti: MPOnlineRedaktion Thomas P. Widmann


Barbagia from its wildest and pretti­est side! Anyone who loves walking as a way to unwind will find plenty of great opportunities in the Foresta di Montes by Orgosolo. A narrow road leads to Pratobello and ends at the entrance to the wildly romantic mountain area at a forestry station. It takes just a good half an hour to reach the 1316 m (4,318ft) high peak of Monte Novo. The panoramic view from the top is sensational.

Village mural in Orgosolo

Village mural in Orgosolo © BurgerQueen1979


It is best to wear your belt a little looser on Sardinia; the island is a mecca for those who love good food and good wine. Each region and village has its own specialities and wines. Thus a drive over the island becomes a gastronomic discovery tour. On the coast, you can find excellent seafood, in the mountains the traditional farmhouse fare. Regardless of whether you dine in the garden of the legendary country hotel Su Gologone on the sea terrace of the famous La Gritta in Palau near Oliena, or in the well-known Sa Muvara in Aritzo well­known for its mountain food, chances are it will be an epicurean and unforgettable evening.

Cheese from Cagliari

Cheese from Cagliari: © MPOnlineRedaktion, Tobias Hauser


Mediterranean lifestyle only needs a piazza and a mild summer night. One place right out of a picture book is the Piazza Centrale in the heart of the Old Town of Orosei. Sooner or later everyone sits down on a little wall or in a bar to indulge in dolce far niente, a very pleasant form of idleness.

Wow, some amazing things to do in SARDINIA, thank you to Marco Polo Guides. Check out their website here and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and check out their amazing Pinterest Boards

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  1. User: Harriet Steel

    Posted on: 03/04/2017 at 9:28 am

    La Cinta sounds gorgeous and with flamingos too, irresistible.


  2. User: Lana Hood

    Posted on: 25/03/2017 at 5:52 pm

    I love walking so would really enjoy the MOUNTAINSCAPE OF BARBAGIA.


  3. User: Jess D

    Posted on: 23/03/2017 at 1:33 am

    I would love to see Barbagia in Sardinia. I love walking in towns and discovering things.


  4. User: andrewmorris51

    Posted on: 22/03/2017 at 10:31 pm

    I was very lucky to spend a few days at the renowned country hotel Su Gologone several years ago. I can still see, smell and taste their signature dish – roast suckling pig,as moist and tender as anything I’ve ever eaten, after being spit-roasted all day, above a fire burning local wood and infused with fresh rosemary.

    One of the strengths of Rosanna’s book is definitely her vivid description of Sardinia’s wonderful cuisine. Yum.


  5. User: Grass monster

    Posted on: 22/03/2017 at 5:05 pm

    Gennargentu National Park


  6. User: Barbara Khan

    Posted on: 22/03/2017 at 2:33 pm

    I am a reader and travel agent and I am working on a honeymoon for some clients. I am hoping they will stay in Sardinia, so this is all very timely. Hotel Pitrizza looks lovely. I hope I can convince them to stay on Sardinia.