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Write Away in Tuscany: 11-18 September 2018

3rd June 2018

From September 11thto 18th this year, an exciting new writing course, “Write Away in Tuscany” is happening in a river valley nestled in the Upper Marecchia, Tuscany.

Write away in Tuscany

Writers will stay in a converted watermill, Il Mulino, and daily morning sessions will take place along the Marecchia river, guided by experienced creative writing tutor, Sonja Price.

Write away in Tuscany

The Resurrection Photo: Pinterest

At 600 metres above sea level and near the little town of Badia Tedalda, the location is idyllic, tranquil and inspirational. The tiny church of St Michael the Archangel houses beautiful 16thcentury altar panels in the tradition of Della Robbia. Michelangelo Buonarroti was born nearby in Caprese Michelangelo and our area is famous for the Piero della Francesca trail. All in all, an area to inspire the creative juices…

Aldous Huxley described The Resurrection as “the greatest picture in the world”. You can see it in the museum down in Sansepolcro.  Every September, the “biturghensi”, as the inhabitants of this handsome market town are known, hold a tournament against nearby Gubbio. The crossbow palio is a spectacle of colour and pageantry not to be missed.

The countryside around Il Mulino is very unspoilt and old traditions are still maintained. Smoke from the charcoal makers spirals into the mountain air in the next valley, local farmers produce handmade cheeses from their flocks, restaurants serve up age-old recipes based on meadow plants, mushrooms and truffles.  Flora and fauna abound in this uncontaminated countryside. In the woods, are wild boar, deer, porcupines and wolves and our meadow dances with butterflies and fireflies, especially in early summer.

There is a strong sense of history. The valley was used in Roman times as a thoroughfare connecting Arezzo with Rimini, along the 3rdcentury BC Via Ariminensis, In Sestino, fifteen minutes’ drive away, relics from this time continue to be unearthed when building work is carried out.

Il Mulino lies along the course of the Gothic Line, a defensive barrier constructed by the German forces in an attempt to stop the Allies moving north. Trenches, fortifications and machine-gun stations are still being discovered.

Il Mulino is situated in a little-visited corner of Tuscany, bordering the regions of Romagna, Le Marche and Umbria. If you want to visit real Italy and escape from hustle and bustle to find the freedom to write and explore, this is a destination for you.

Angela Petch is an award-winning author. She has written two historical novels set in this area. The first “Tuscan Roots” explores secrets from WW2 and is based on her Italian mother-in-law’s marriage to a British army captain, whom she met in 1944 in war-torn Italy. The second, “Now and Then in Tuscany”, continues the story of the same family, but at the turn of the twentieth century. The transumanza,when local shepherds and herdsmen travelled down to the Maremma plains from the Apennines, and were away for five winter months, continued until the 1950’s. The author spent much of her childhood in Rome and speaks fluent Italian. She has been able to research from documents and memories shared by local people. She and her half-Italian husband spend six months of each year at Il Mulino, Rofelle. A third novel in the series will be published in 2019.

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  1. User: Angela Petch

    Posted on: 03/06/2018 at 5:49 pm

    Thanks for featuring this new course. I think it will be a good one and the trips to nearby towns and villages to get the creative juices going (and to sample local fare) will be molto interessanti. Grazie mille!