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15 short stories set around the Amalfi Coast

21st August 2019

Dreamland and other stories by Jan Mazzoni, 15 short stories set around the Amalfi Coast.

15 short stories set around the Amalfi CoastA collection of short stories set in the 1980s, each taking an acute look at the lives locals and of people passing through this wonderful part of the world. A time when this area was on the cusp of being overrun by tourists. Upbeat, sometimes ponderous and sad, these are stories that have something for everyone. Couples arrive together and separately and then depart, individuals seek reinvention and spiritual succour from the beautiful surroundings. Love – or infatuation – too is a theme, as well as affairs, loneliness and relationship issues.

At the Bar is the story of constancy and familiarity. It’s wonderful to visit places and find that things haven’t changed… and yet the story behind this one village bar is not an uplifting one. But it’s real. In Earthquakes and Minor Shocks a woman goes looking for family and in Ravello a woman is looking for Sergio, who had declared his undying love for her – she now returns only to find his constancy wasn’t as deep as he had mooted. Then there is the Contessa who takes in a stray dog and the Dutchman looking for love….

Many of the stories are set in Positano, others are set in unnamed locations, small villages sheltering among the rocks. There is wonderful detail of dwellings, the streets, the views, the food and the ambience, at varying times of the year that will transport you lock, stock and barrel to the Amalfi coast. Smatterings of Italian add extra flavour to the narrative. Lemons, Limoncello and lugubrious sun drenched days (although rain and inclement weather do make an appearance) also enhance the narrative.

‘Nespole’ get a look in – I came across these divine little fruits earlier this year in Spain, where they are called nisiperos. They are like apricots with a touch of lychee and in English are loquats or Japanese Medlars. So now you know! Keep an eye out for them when you are around the Mediterranean.

These stories are a delight and are a great example of #literarywanderlust and give you the chance to imbibe the smells, sights and tastes of this beautiful coastal area of Italy. Enjoy.

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