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DREAMLAND and other stories

DREAMLAND and other stories

Author(s): Jan Mazzoni

Location(s): Positano

Genre(s): Short Stories

Era(s): 1980s



A young boy runs away to sea. An elderly countess finds a stray dog – and love. A Patricia Highsmith fan follows in her idol’s footsteps, in more ways than one. A woman goes in search of her roots and wishes she hadn’t.

Just some of the visitors to DREAMLAND.

The Amalfi coast. For years it was a favourite with the jet-setters, an elite group who kept it very much to themselves. Then in the 1980s package tours made it possible for everyone to see what they’d been missing. These are the stories of those early visitors who discovered the charms of the coast when the locals still lived much as they had for generations. Before it became a World Heritage Site. Before the invasion.

Sad, moving, funny, these stories will take you on a journey to an Italy that may look familiar, but is already part of the past. Catch it while you can.

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Lead Review

Author: tripfiction

A collection of short stories set in the 1980s, each taking an acute look at the lives locals and of people passing through this wonderful part of the world. A time when this area...

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