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A chilling psychological thriller set (kind of) in London and Bangkok

28th April 2020

Behind Closed Doors by B A Paris, a chilling psychological thriller set (kind of) in London and Bangkok.

A chilling psychological thriller set (kind of) in London and Bangkok

Claustrophobic. That’s not really a word I’ve ever used to describe a book, but this one honestly made me feel it.

This psychological thriller mainly follows two characters, Jack and Grace. Jack is an incredibly attractive, intelligent, well-mannered lawyer. The perfect gentleman who just so happens to defend victims of domestic abuse and who has never lost a trial. Grace is a caring, independent, and clever woman, who puts her disabled sister above everything else. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for Millie. Something Jack preys on.

Below the surface of their seemingly perfect marriage, Jack is incredibly abusive. Not physically, but psychologically. The mind games he plays on her are truly terrible. During a particularly tense scene in a hotel room in Bangkok (and no spoilers, but during an escape attempt) I really had to put the book down and swear in exasperation – much to the curiosity of my boyfriend who wondered what I was doing.

It really is so well written. Like I already said, I honestly felt claustrophobic whilst reading it, feeling Grace’s plight. A real book that you want to stop reading, but then pick up again because you just can’t not know how it ends. Which brings me onto the ending. Goodness the ending. And I don’t say that because there was such a twist or it was the best ending I’ve ever read (it is very good though!) I say that because I was so taken aback by the last 4 lines that I found myself crying. So as you can see, it’s a book full of emotions and physical reactions, which is not a genre I would usually go for, but I know I’ll pick up again.

As far as locations go it’s not the most evocative novel. Actually a lot of it happens behind closed doors – as the title might suggest. More of an insight into home décor than a book to transport you to London or Thailand, but a very good thriller that I would 100% recommend.

Charlotte for the TripFiction Team

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