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A high octane thriller set on the MEDITERRANEAN

24th August 2023

The Traitor by Ava Glass, high octane thriller set on the Mediterranean (and in London and Barcelona).

high octane thriller set on the MEDITERRANEAN

The Traitor is the second book in the Ava Glass Emma Makepeace series about a young, female British MI5 agent. It follows on from last year’s The Chase. Again it is a high octane, page turning, spy adventure full of intrigue. Emma is sent under deep cover to work on an oligarch’s yacht in the Mediterranean. The owner of the yacht is suspected of murdering another agent in London, and of being heavily involved in a global drugs and chemical weapons operation. He is believed to have two partners – one is another Russian and the other is a high ranking person in the British government or secret service. No one (except an extraordinarily tight group) can know that Emma is on the yacht. There is a real fear that the traitor could find out and seek to ‘neutralise’ her. Her job is to find proof of the drug and chemical weapons operation and, if possible, the identity of the traitor. It is an extremely dangerous mission. On the yacht Emma is both the hunter and, potentially, the hunted. One false move could expose her.

There are many nail-biting moments on the yacht before it docks in Barcelona – where the adventure continues. She makes her way back to London and has the evidence for MI5 to confront the oligarch, but not what is necessary to flush out the traitor. A fast paced ending includes a visit to The Shard.

The Traitor is a really good read. It is exciting and keeps the reader on their toes.


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