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A psychological thriller set around the law courts in LONDON

6th February 2024

Indefensible by James Woolf, a psychological thriller set around the law courts in London.

A psychological thriller set around the law courts in LONDON

Daniel O’Neil is a criminal barrister. He is given the opportunity of a career to defend Rod Bannister, a man accused of a high profile and gruesome murder. The victim’s head was found floating in the Thames, his torso buried in a remote field in Derbyshire. There is much legal argument, but Daniel eventually secures a ‘not guilty’ verdict. We just do not know whether Rod actually committed the murder, but Daniel clearly believes that he did not. The long hours of the trial took their toll on Daniel. He had already broken up with his wife, and was in a relationship with a new girlfriend – whom he neglected as the trial progressed. She, in turn, turned to a former lover for consolation. The affair continued even after Daniel and she made up and were married.

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After the trial Daniel became friendly with Rod. Not the sort of thing that should happen in the professional relationship between a barrister and a client. When his new wife moved out to be with her lover, Daniel spent even more time in Rod’s company. They went on holiday together to Barcelona. That is where things turned very sour. Rod offers him a favour which he really shouldn’t have accepted.  Daniel’s success in the case became his worst nightmare with horrendous consequences.

Indefensible is a taut psychological thriller that truly engrosses. The way Daniel’s life can change so quickly and in such ways, is both absorbing and frightening

A psychological thriller set around the law courts in LONDON

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