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A political thriller set in WASHINGTON DC (and many other locations)

21st August 2023

State of Terror by Hillary Clinton and Louise Penny – a political thriller set in Washington DC (and many other locations).

A political thriller set in WASHINGTON DC

State of Terror is a gripping political thriller co-written by former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and bestselling author, Louise Penny (of Three Pines fame…). Set in present-day Washington DC, the novel offers an account of a devastating terrorist attack and the intense efforts to prevent further catastrophe.

The story follows protagonist Ellen Adams, the newly appointed Secretary of State. Ellen is portrayed as a resilient and determined woman who has dedicated her life to public service. Her strong character is immediately evident as she takes charge in the face of the unfolding crisis. The authors skillfully highlight Ellen’s inner turmoil, as she grapples with the immense responsibility of protecting her country.

One of the strengths of State of Terror lies in the authors’ ability to craft a suspenseful and realistic narrative. They draw readers into the high-stakes world of international relations, where alliances and betrayals are constantly at play. From the tense diplomatic negotiations to the covert intelligence operations, every scene is intricately described, keeping readers on the edge of their seats.

The plot is nuanced and well-researched. It explores various themes, such as the balance between security and civil liberties, the role of technology in counterterrorism efforts, and the complexities of international politics. Through the narrative, Clinton and Penny offer insights into the inner workings of government agencies and the challenges faced by those responsible for national security. The inclusion of real-world references adds credibility to the story.

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The characters in State of Terror are well-developed and relatable. Ellen, in particular, is a compelling protagonist. Her strengths and vulnerabilities are portrayed convincingly, making her a character readers can root for. The supporting cast, including diplomats, intelligence agents, and journalists, adds depth and diversity to the narrative. The authors successfully portray the internal conflicts faced by each character, demonstrating their commitment to creating realistic and multi-dimensional personalities.

While State of Terror is primarily a thriller, it also serves as a cautionary tale. The novel highlights the potential consequences of failing to address significant global challenges, such as climate change and political instability. Through vivid descriptions of global events and their impacts, Clinton and Penny underscore the importance of collaboration and decisive action to tackle urgent issues.

In conclusion, State of Terror is an engaging and thought-provoking political thriller. Clinton and Penny have crafted a suspenseful narrative with well-developed characters and a realistic depiction of international relations. Whether one enjoys the fast-paced nature of political thrillers or is drawn to the exploration of complex themes, this novel is sure to satisfy both aficionados of the genre and those interested in contemporary political issues.


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