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An adrenaline pumping thriller set in the heart of LONDON

27th February 2023

The Chase by Ava Glass, an adrenaline pumping thriller set in the heart of London.

An adrenaline pumping thriller set in the heart of London

The plot of The Chase is relatively straightforward. Emma Makepeace is a young secret service agent working for the British government in London. Russian citizens are being murdered on the streets of the capital. These citizens have all spied for the British authorities while in Moscow, and they were all spirited out as their situation there became too dangerous. Now the GRU is after revenge in London. A particularly vulnerable couple are taken into hiding by the British secret service. Their son, a doctor working in a London hospital, does not want to join them.

Emma’s job is to befriend him, convince him that he really is not safe, and deliver him to MI5 headquarters. What could be simpler? He resists her entreaties until the Russian agents strike and his life is very clearly in danger. He and Emma are in North London and they have to get overnight to MI5 headquarters on the South Bank of the Thames. Emma (for reasons that become clear later in the book) is cut adrift and left by the service to fend for herself and her charge, Michael. She has a feeling that all her recent training has been to prepare her for this task. The Russian agents seem to operate with impunity. They placed a tracking device in Michael’s clothing (easy enough to get rid of) and, more importantly, hacked into the city wide CCTV coverage. London is the most camera-covered city in the world, and yet Emma and Michael have, somehow, to get across it without being seen. They are, perhaps inevitably, discovered on several occasions.They are shot at more than once and forced to go to lengths to avoid the attention they are attracting. They run down the bank of a canal in a camera free zone and at one stage even wade for some distance through an underground river as they get nearer to their destination. The climax of their journey is fast and furious – and very dangerous.

The Chase is a high octane page turning thriller. Very had to put down. It is the first in an Emma Makepeace series and I am already looking forward to the next.

The Chase was published by Penguin on 16th February and here is a link to their promotional video.

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