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A World of Trouble

A World of Trouble

Author(s): Jake Needham

Location(s): Bangkok, Dubai, Hong Kong

Genre(s): Thriller

Era(s): Modern



Jack Shepherd is sick of Washington politics, sick of corporate law, and even a little sick of himself. So he hits the road looking for a new start, makes a couple of wrong turns, and winds up in Hong Kong. Now he needs a job, and being General Chalerm Kitnarok s lawyer is a job, so he takes it. He could do worse. Charlie Kitnarok is the world s 98th richest man and controls billions in assets. But he s also a former prime minister of Thailand living in exile in Dubai where he s plotting his return to power. For Shepherd, that could be a real problem. The new Thai prime minister is Kathleeya Srisophon, a woman with whom Shepherd was once involved. Then Shepherd discovers Charlie is smuggling arms to his supporters in Thailand. Is he going to assassinate Kate and use the Thai army to seize control of the country? Thailand is hurtling closer and closer to a bloody civil war. And as unlikely as it sounds, Jack Shepherd may be the only person on earth who can stop it.

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You can tell the author knows his “Asia” a great gripping read – Anthony J Sertoli –

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