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Contemporary Latvian Poetry

Author(s): Various

Location(s): Latvia

Genre(s): Poetry

Era(s): Contemporary

The three books of this anthology present three generations of poets in the Baltic countries: those born before the Soviet occupation, during it, and shortly before the countries regained independence in the 1990’s. From the classical perspective of Latvian Pēters Brūveris and Astrid Ivask’s mystical poetry, through avant-garde Lithuanian Vytautas P. Bložė and Jonas Zdanys, translator and poet in his own right, born in the U.S. to refugee parents – to inventive Estonian poet Asko Künnap and the story-weaving Jaan Kaplinski, also a translator whose mother was Estonian and whose Polish father disappeared in the Gulag archipelago during the war. This poetry will catch you by surprise as it lays out individual experiences of exile and homeland.

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