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Stones of the Madonna

Stones of the Madonna

Author(s): Jan Mazzoni

Location(s): Amalfi Coast

Era(s): 1939



It’s 1939 and Lily and her American doctor husband James have come to the Amalfi coast in southern Italy in search of a new start. And how could they not be happy in a place where the scenery is stunning, the locals generous and welcoming, where the air is filled with the fragrance of jasmine and the laughter of children?

But escaping the past isn’t so easy.

In the sultry silence of one of the hottest summers for years Lily discovers things about herself that she never knew. She discovers things about James too, things she’d sooner not know. And though the chill and looming shadow of war edges closer and closer, ultimately it is not the war that poses the biggest threat to Lily’s new found contentment…

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Lead Review

A wonderful background of pre war Italy. And of course Amalfi! Enjoyed this read.

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