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Friends Dogs Bullets Lovers

Friends Dogs Bullets Lovers

Author(s): Lennox Randon

Location(s): Iowa, Texas

Genre(s): Fiction

Era(s): 2013

Noah and Lee have been friends since they were scrawny, misfit ninth graders. Fifteen years later, Noah is a police sergeant in Dubuque, Iowa, and Lee is an EMT. They’ve got respectable jobs, but they haven’t lost their youthful sense of adventure or quirky sense of humor.

While on a late-night walk with their dogs, Stroke and Thundarr, the friends come across two men burying a body. They manage to arrest the men only to find out they’re hired killers with ties to organized crime. Noah and Lee are forced to abandon their comfortable lives in Dubuque and enter the Federal Witness Protection Program in Austin, Texas.

In Texas, they are not only separated from everyone they know and love, but they have also lost the careers that have become a major part of who they are. They try to joke their way around the fact that they miss their old lives, but they feel a void and crave a diversion.

Without telling their attractive but stern government handler, Lee convinces Noah to start an under-the-radar private investigations business. At first all goes well and they resolve a few minor cases, but then things get serious. They take a case where the children of an important government official have been kidnapped, and the sideline that began as a lark becomes a matter of life and death.

Friends Dogs Bullets Lovers has action aplenty, but it’s also about relationships, both friendly and romantic. Noah and Lee may love to wisecrack, but when things get hairy, they will do anything for a friend, including risking their lives.

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