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Keep Walking, Your Heart Will Catch Up: A Camino de Santiago journey

Keep Walking, Your Heart Will Catch Up: A Camino de Santiago journey

Author(s): Cathay O Reta

Location(s): Santiago de Compostela

Genre(s): Travelogue

Era(s): contemporary



“Keep Walking” is a modern-day pilgrimage, a spiritual journey, a physical feat. Cathay was in her mid-60s and entering a new phase of life. In phase one she had been single for 29 years. Phase two followed with 33 years of marriage. Now widowed, she was looking for direction for her next 30 years. That’s when she felt called to hike the Camino de Santiago, the centuries old 483-mile trail across northern Spain.

As Cathay began to physically prepare for such a feat by hiking and walking and leaving her sedentary life behind, she became aware that it would also be an inner healing – a rite of passage to the next phase of her life. With trepidation, some fear and a fervent commitment to make the hike as best she could, Cathay traveled alone to Spain and started walking. She kept walking day after day through tears, anger, laughter, sadness and great joy. Every day was a challenge, and she often questioned why she was on the Camino. Why not just go to a nice hotel and think through what to do the next 30 years?

Her question was answered when a fellow sojourner said to her, “You’re here [on the Camino] to learn to fall in love with yourself again.”

After 37 days she reached her destination. “Keep Walking” is her story of self-discovery, of transformation, and of renewal, all set in the magical, mystical field of the stars, the Camino de Santiago.

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