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Murder in the Abbey

Murder in the Abbey

Author(s): Susan Kiernan-Lewis

Location(s): The Cotswolds

Genre(s): Mystery

Era(s): contemporary

Situated in the rolling hills of England’s pastoral Cotswolds, the Abbey is a charming Bed & Breakfast allowing its guests to taste the pleasures of rank and prestige from a bygone era—until murder slams face first onto its welcome mat.
When the victim turns out to be someone close to both Maggie and Laurent, they leave their vineyard in France to say goodbye—and to find out why.

Once in England, they discover that the tranquil countryside of Shelley and Wadsworth can be every bit as treacherous as the most sinister souk in the backstreets of Marseilles.

What Maggie also discovers is that if she ever hopes to be able to live with herself—or face Laurent with her own guilt—she’ll need to find the killer…
… preferably before she ends up face down in one of the Abbey’s bucolic fishing ponds.

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