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The Pleasure Express

Author(s): Sara Sheridan

Location(s): Hong Kong

Genre(s): Fiction

Era(s): Modern



How far would you go for money?

From small town Scotland to the bright lights of China. Set in the late 1990s as the final months of British rule in Hong Kong spiral to a close, Kate and Rosie, live the glamorous, whirlwind life of the elite, but there are deadly undercurrents which threaten to consume them. It doesn’t take long till they discover that everything has a price, including friendship. This sassy tale of the end of the British Empire combines action, adventure and intrigue with the story of a strong friendship between a Chinese girl who can’t leave the colony and a British girl who can.

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Lead Review

An excellent journey into the heart of what can only imagine Hong Kong must be like, the tourist Hong Kong versus the city you never want to see. Mainly set there, Kate arrives and...

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