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The Corsican Widow

Author(s): Vanessa Couchman

Location(s): Corsica

Genre(s): Historical, Romance

Era(s): 18th Century



Corsica, 1755. Can Valeria Peretti escape the destiny that is mapped out for her? While the island struggles for independence against its Genoese masters, she must marry an older, wealthy man. A quiet, respectable life apparently awaits Valeria, but a prophecy on the eve of her betrothal spells misfortune ahead.

As her life unfolds, Valeria’s attempts to fight against her fate bring her into conflict with the unbending moral code of Corsican society. She must make a choice between her personal wishes and social duty that will cast her far away from Corsica’s shores.

This is a story of love and injustice against the backdrop of an austere, traditional society.

This is the latest novel in the Tales of Corsica series, stories inspired by and set on the captivating Mediterranean island of Corsica, from the author of The House at Zaronza.

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Lead Review

Author: tripfiction

The author creates a good historical setting for the storyline. The book opens in 1755, a time when Corsica was ruled by the Genoese; in 1768 it came under French rule but the locals...

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