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The Man with the Baltic Stare

The Man with the Baltic Stare

Author(s): James Church

Location(s): Pyongyang

Genre(s): Crime

Era(s): Modern



Autumn brings unwelcome news to Inspector O: he has been wrenched from retirement and ordered back to Pyongyang for a final assignment. The two Koreas, he learns, are now cooperating – very quietly – to maintain stability in the North. Stability requires that Inspector O lead an investigation into a crime of passion committed by the young man who has been selected as the best possible leader of a transition government. O is instructed to make sure that the case goes away. Remnants of the old regime, foreign powers, rival gangs – all want a piece of the action, and all make it clear that if O values his life, he will not get in their way. O isn’t sure where his loyalties lie, and he doesn’t have much time to figure out whether ’tis better to be noble or be dead.

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Lead Review

This novel….starring Inspector O is one of the most interesting and unusual mysteries in the genre today. Mary Whipple

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