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The Orphan’s Mother

Author(s): Marion Kummerow

Location(s): Poland, Germany

Genre(s): Historical, Fiction

Era(s): 1944 - 1989



1945, the German-Polish border: With Nazis on one side and Soviet forces approaching on the other, a mother and her little boy are separated, and so begins an unforgettable tale of courage, heartbreak and motherhood in wartime.

As snow begins to fall, and word reaches their town that the Red Army are approaching, German-born mother-of-two Emma knows she has no choice: she must pack their meagre belongings and leave their home, in search of safety. Even if safety is within Nazi Germany.

But as the icy grip of winter tightens around them, her four-year-old son—her blue-eyed angel—Jacob becomes ill. Desperate for him to get well enough to continue their journey, she takes him to a hospital, where she hands him to a kind nurse.

Then a terrible attack separates mother and son, and their lives change forever.

As Emma finally reaches the hospital again, she finds it deserted, her son gone. Though her heart tells her she has to stay and find him, she faces an impossible choice—because she would risk her own life for Jacob in a heartbeat, but her daughter Sophie needs her too. And as Sophie’s cold, little hand slips into her own, Emma is forced to make a heartbreaking decision. She’ll get her daughter to safety and come back for Jacob.

But then the borders close behind them, and Emma has no way back. Still, she never gives up hope that her son survived that day. She will do whatever it takes to find him. Because nothing is stronger than a mother’s love…

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