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The Scientist of Berlin

Author(s): Daniel Pembrey

Location(s): Berlin, California

Genre(s): Thriller

From LA to Berlin, from present day to the 1940s, journey from glamorous Santa Monica to the deepest darkest corners of Nazi Germany.

David Collins, a British private investigator living in LA, is hired by Geoff Hoffman, a billionaire tech magnate running for the US Senate in California. As his campaign is threatened by rumours of a past scandal, Hoffman tasks David with discovering the truth. And soon David uncovers troubling facts – ones that lead back as far as Hoffman’s Jewish grandfather during World War II.

An alternating narrative contrasts the dark, depraved world of Nazi Germany with the corporate, sun-scorched landscapes of Los Angeles in 2019.

As these two stories come together, we become engulfed in a gripping combination of contemporary thriller and historical novel.

Daniel masterfully weaves themes of identity, belonging, and heritage into a historical thriller peppered with revelations.

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