The Seamstress

The Seamstress

Author(s): Maria Duenas

Location(s): Madrid, Morocco, T├ętouan (Tetouan)

Genre(s): Historical, Romance

Era(s): Mid 20th Century WW2



Spain, 1936 and the brink of civil war.

Young, poor Sira Quiroga is swept up in a whirlwind romance with her wily love Ramiro. Fleeing Madrid together for Morocco, her love blinds her to his real failings. Soon abandoned, left penniless and in debt to the authorities, she has to rely on the one skill she still possesses: sewing.

Taken under the wing of the bullish but caring housekeeper Candelaria, Sira is able to sew for the glamorous foreign English and German women in Tetouan. Privy to their unbridled gossip, Sira becomes invaluable to the British secret service, a position that is filled with untold risk.

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A sweeping romance that takes you both to Spain and to Morocco, filled with detail, an enjoyable read – Melly D –

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