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The Stupid Monkey

Author(s): Rodney Romig

Location(s): Hawaii

Genre(s): Mystery

Era(s): Modern

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Renowned management consultant Dr. Dan Trix has been hired to market a luxury golf course in Hawaii. So why is someone trying to kill him? Trix is no stranger to violence. And he particularly doesn’t appreciate being attack by dogs or thrown off cliffs. From opulent resorts, through spectacular landscapes and deep into the dark soul of the islands, Trix and his war buddy Lester search for those responsible.
It’s not all gumshoeing. They have the opportunity to enjoy an exotic array of the islands’ culinary and feminine delights. Trix initially resists the gorgeous women who are readily available. However, his smart, beautiful, devoted new girlfriend Elaine has joined him for a romantic week. But when Elaine has to cut her vacation short, Trix is left defenseless. Will he be true to his new budding love or will he lose it all because he can’t let go of any of it?

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