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The Camel’s Nose

Author(s): Rodney Romig

Location(s): Munich, Romania

Genre(s): Mystery

Era(s): Current

Dan Trix has been hired to consult with a consortium of Romanian wine producers who want to expand into the U.S. At the airport he meets Lt. Col. Garrison (Garry) McKenzey (retired), a buddy from Army days who left his seat in Congress to advise politicians and CEOs. He is in Bucharest to confer with political opponents of the current Prime Minister. They are joined in McKenzey’s limo by Dr. Cristina Georgescu, a physician dedicated to fighting corruption in the medical profession in Romania. On the way to the hotel the limo is attacked. Was it someone with vested interests in maintaining the status quo in the medical industry? Was it those intent on keeping the current and corrupt political party in power? It was suppose to be a leisurely trip sipping exotic Romanian wines. Instead Trix and Lester are forced into a deadly investigation leading from Bucharest to Munich to Ashville, N.C. to find the shocking answer.

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