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The Vibe

The Vibe

Author(s): Rae Stewart

Location(s): Goa

Genre(s): Thriller

Era(s): Late 1990s

You go to Goa for sun, sea, sand and serious prawn curry. For cheap drugs, full moon parties and a time-warped hippy vibe. To find yourself, lose yourself, chill yourself right out.
But murder? Police corruption? Obsessive revenge? Maybe not so much.

Welcome to Anjuna beach in the late 1990s, when hippies, travellers, tourists and Goans bash together in a bizarre culture clash.

Package tourist Steve falls for a beautiful girl he meets on the beach – which might just annoy his wife a little.

Iain’s backpacking around India seeking culture and history – and desperate for a bit of free love in Goa’s hippy paradise.

Sophie’s living a carefree, cashless, blissful existence, brightening the lives of everyone she meets – except her new, intense boyfriend.

The Doc remembers the days when it was all just fishermen’s huts and bongos – before he brought acid to the beach and fried a generation’s brains, including his own.

And Jez? Well, Jez doesn’t care as long as he can blag, borrow or steal enough to buy decent quality drugs and keep the vibe sweet for the next few months. Oh, and keep a violent dealer off his back.

They all have their own lives and their own stories. They’d probably never meet in the real world, but their paths cross in devastating fashion when a brutal killing rocks the infamous Anjuna party scene. None of them will ever be the same again.

For some people, being in Anjuna is like living the Sixties dream. But for others it’s a total nightmare.

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