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Villa Pacifica

Villa Pacifica

Author(s): Kapka Kassabova

Location(s): Ecuador

Genre(s): Fiction

Era(s): Modern



As Ute and her husband Jerry travel to a remote area on the west coast of South America, they decide to visit a recently established eco retreat called Villa Pacifica. The resort, run by a group of eccentric expatriates, offers a luxuriant refuge in the middle of an arid and poverty-stricken region to an exotic menagerie of large cats, monkeys, giant turtles and birds of paradise which have been rescued from traffickers. When a huge storm descends on the coast, travellers and locals are left to fend for themselves. The hot-house world that teems below the surface of Villa Pacifica rises to engulf everyone. Madness begins to take hold, and everybody starts questioning themselves and their own sanity. Brilliantly written, hauntingly atmospheric, Villa Pacifica, Kapka Kassabova s stunning new novel, will leave a lasting impression in the minds of its readers.

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Book Reviews

Lead Review

‘Like her poetry and memoir, Kassabova’s fiction is taut and evocative. Her writing conveys the dichotomy between the country’s lush beauty and the hotel’s foreboding atmosphere. … Inspired by the landscape of Ecuador as...

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Lead Review

Author: tripfiction

My review opens with a comment from the Villa Pacifica guestbook: “Everyone who stays here writes something down. Those who don’t, either never arrived, or never left” I had been eyeing this title up...

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