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When Every Road Whispers My Name

Author(s): Maria Vano

Location(s): United States (USA), England, Greece, Hungary, Morocco, Spain

Genre(s): Autobiography/Memoirs, Travelogue

Era(s): 2000-2021

One middle-aged woman with no money, three suitcases, a big dream, and a desire to see it all, sets out to live her best solo life.
Calling on memories from her teen years when she lived in Rome, Italy, Maria Vano writes openly and honestly about making the decision to leave everyone and everything, to return to the country she once knew. She had no house-sale proceeds, no pension, no profit sharing and no savings, but decided there was no better time than being 44 years old to take off with a one-way ticket and leave it all behind.
Maria takes you with her through nearly 20 years of travel and life across 8 countries. This is no tale of paradise, but reveals both the dizzying highs and terrifying lows of long-term solo travel and moving to new countries on a whim, sight-unseen. Maria opens her heart through the joys, hurts, loves, losses, laughter, tears, and even defies death in a foreign country. For fun, she throws in a lot of wine and food while she’s at it.

In the later years of her travels, she confronts what it’s like to travel while unknowingly battling the devastating and grave disease, Cushing’s Syndrome—and finding the courage and strength to get back on her feet and move again during recovery, thumbing her nose at the naysayers who said, “you can’t,” with a hearty “Just watch me.”

Maria also shares the highlights and joys of discovery, and how she made it through the dark times without fear. Come along with her on a crazy journey full of kindness, laughter, warmth… and truth.

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