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Cosy murder mystery set in Whitstable

17th May 2019

Murder Fest by Julie Wassmer, cosy murder mystery set in Whitstable

This is another outing for Pearl Nolan, amateur sleuth and gastronome. This time a delegation has arrived from Borken, in North Rhine Westphalia, a town twinned with Whitstable (as it is in real life!).

Cosy murder mystery set in Whitstable

Great festivities have been organised to welcome the group, an evening of scrumptious delicacies highlighting the wonderful array of locally sourced food (don’t forget that Pearl owns the Whitstable Pearl, a high quality restaurant); and after all, Whitstable is well known for being a foodie heaven (as much as a pretty town with no shopping/café chains and it even still has a sewing machine shop!).

There is much partying but inevitably there is a going to be a body (or two) along the way. Blake Cain – successfully published author B J Cain no less – is the victim. But quite why he has been targeted is unclear. He seems to have been slain quite ritualistically, with orchestrated music playing in the background, only his legs bound… Pearl, of course, is soon on the case hunting down clues and bringing the perpetrator to justice.

The Pearl Nolan mystery series is a wonderful way to explore Whitstable and environs through fiction. The author is clearly proud of where she lives and that comes through so clearly in her writing. If you love cosy mysteries, then get acquainted with Pearl (and her mum and her cats!) and enjoy a trip to Whitstable through the eyes of this very convincing author.

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