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The Dark Heart of Italy

The Dark Heart of Italy
  • Author(s): Tobias Jones
  • Location(s): Italy
  • Genre(s): Travelogue
  • Era(s): Early 2000s

In 1999 Tobias Jones immigrated to Italy, expecting to discover the pastoral bliss described by centuries of foreign visitors. Instead, he found a very different country: one besieged by unfathomable terrorism and deep-seated paranoia. The Dark Heart of Italy...

The Dark Hours

The Dark Hours
  • Author(s): Michael Connelly
  • Location(s): Los Angeles
  • Genre(s): Crime, Thriller
  • Era(s): Contemporary

Has a killer lain dormant for years only to strike again on New Year’s Eve? LAPD Detective Renée Ballard and Harry Bosch team up to find justice for an innocent victim in the new thriller from #1 New York...

The Dark Lady

The Dark Lady
  • Author(s): Akala
  • Location(s): London
  • Genre(s): Young Adult, Historical
  • Era(s): Elizabethan era

A natural storyteller with a vision of his own, THE DARK LADY, Akala’s debut novel for teens will enthuse and entertain teenagers and young adults, showing that reading is a true super-power. A PICKPOCKET WITH AN EXCEPTIONAL GIFT A...

The Dark Side of Love

The Dark Side of Love
  • Author(s): Rafik Schami
  • Location(s): Damascus
  • Genre(s): Crime, Fiction
  • Era(s): 20th century / early 2000s

A dead man hangs from the portal of St Pauls Chapel in Damascus. He was a Muslim officerand he was murdered. But when Detective Barudi sets out to interrogate the mans mysterious widow, the Secret Service takes the case...

The Dark Well of Glastonbury

The Dark Well of Glastonbury
  • Author(s): Phillipa Bowers
  • Location(s): Glastonbury
  • Genre(s): Historical, Romance
  • Era(s): Early 1900s

In 1903, Louisa, an impoverished young widow, goes to Glastonbury to care for her ailing aunt. One day while sitting beside the ruined abbey church, she experiences a vision from the past of a woman who was guardian of...

The Dark Wild

The Dark Wild
  • Author(s): Piers Torday
  • Location(s): United Kingdom
  • Genre(s): Children, Mythology
  • Era(s): Modern

Book 2 in the Last Wild Trilogy A thrilling animal adventure for fans of Roald Dahl, David Walliams and Katherine Rundell Twelve-year-old Kester thought he had discovered the last wild animals in the land. He thought his adventure was...

The Darkest Walk

The Darkest Walk
  • Author(s): Malcolm Archibald
  • Location(s): Manchester
  • Genre(s): Thriller
  • Era(s): 1848

Set in 1848, Darkest Walk of Crime sees recently promoted Detective Mendick sent on his first case. Disturbing new evidence suggests the working class Chartist movement is seeking violent action after years of oppression and the defeat in Parliament...

The Darkness

The Darkness
  • Author(s): Ragnar Jonasson
  • Location(s): Iceland
  • Genre(s): Crime, Mystery
  • Era(s): Modern

A body is found off the coast of Iceland. A cursory police investigation calls it suicide. She’s just another statistic, soon forgotten. But not by Reykjavik Detective Inspector Hulda Hermannsdóttir. Difficult and unconventional, Hulda is being forced into early...

The Darkness

The Darkness
  • Author(s): Lars D H Hedbor
  • Location(s): Maine
  • Genre(s): Historical, Fiction
  • Era(s): Revolutionary

These are the darkest days of the Revolution… The darkness descending over coastal Maine leaves George no choice but to leave childhood behind for good. Despite living in the shadow of America’s most crushing naval defeat in the ongoing...

The Darling

The Darling
  • Author(s): Russell Banks
  • Location(s): Liberia
  • Genre(s): Fiction
  • Era(s): 1975 through 1991

Set in Liberia and the United States from 1975 through 1991, The Darling is the story of Hannah Musgrave, a political radical and member of the Weather Underground. Hannah flees America for West Africa, where she and her Liberian...

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