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The Figure in the Photograph

The Figure in the Photograph
  • Author(s): Kevin Sullivan
  • Location(s): Cuba (Republic of), Glasgow
  • Genre(s): Fiction
  • Era(s): 1898

1898. When Juan’s father is killed while working as a photographer in Cuba, the young man is left with nothing but his last photos amid the chaos as the war between Spain and America escalates. But the images reveal...

The Final Detail

The Final Detail
  • Author(s): Harlan Coben
  • Location(s): New Jersey
  • Genre(s): Crime, Fiction, Suspense
  • Era(s): 1990s

In this sixth novel in the award-winning Myron Bolitar series, Harlan Coben delivers a riveting powerhouse thriller—a twisting mystery of betrayal, family secrets, and murder. Myron Bolitar’s colleague at MB SportsReps, Esperanza, has been arrested for the murder of...

The Final Judgement

The Final Judgement
  • Author(s): Richard North Patterson
  • Location(s): New Hampshire
  • Genre(s): Fiction, Thriller
  • Era(s): 1990s

A young man is brutally murdered. His distraught girlfriend is the prime suspect. Her aunt, Caroline Masters, about to take up a top job in the US Court of Appeals, decides to defend the young woman in the murder...

The Final Murder

The Final Murder
  • Author(s): Anne Holt
  • Location(s): Oslo
  • Genre(s): Crime
  • Era(s): Contemporary

A TV talk-show star is found killed in her home, her tongue removed and left near to the body. When a second body, that of a prominent politician, is found crucified soon after, Superintendent Adam Stubo is called in...

The Finnish Sock

The Finnish Sock
  • Author(s): Marie Anders
  • Location(s): Salzburg
  • Genre(s): Crime, Fiction
  • Era(s): Modern

During an International Medical Congress in Salzburg, a well-known surgeon and scientist, Doctor Thomas Steinmetz, is mysteriously killed. When Inspector Quentin Neuner examines the corpse, he notices something he has never seen before. The victim’s right foot had been...

The Fire and the Light: A Novel of the Cathars

The Fire and the Light: A Novel of the Cathars
  • Author(s): Glen Craney
  • Location(s): Cathar Country
  • Genre(s): Fiction, Historical
  • Era(s): 13th century

As the 13th century dawns, an ancient scroll hidden in the French Pyrenees is rumored to hold shocking revelations about Jesus of Nazareth. To preserve this lost evidence of His teachings, a charismatic Cathar holy woman must defy Rome....

The Fire Pit (Faroes Novel 3)

The Fire Pit (Faroes Novel 3)
  • Location(s): The Faroe Islands, Denmark
  • Genre(s): Fiction, Mystery
  • Era(s): Present looking back to 1970s

When long-buried skeletal remains are unearthed at an isolated farm on the island of Borðoy, Hjalti Hentze is charged with investigating the death. But as Hentze s investigation turns to the commune which occupied the farm in the 1970s,...

The Fireflies Of Autumn And Other Tales Of San Ginese

The Fireflies Of Autumn And Other Tales Of San Ginese
  • Author(s): Moreno Giovannoni
  • Location(s): Tuscany
  • Genre(s): Fiction
  • Era(s): 20th Century, including World War II

San Ginese is a village where God lingers in people’s minds and many dream of California, Argentina or Australia. Some leave only to return feeling disheartened, wishing they had never come back, some never leave and forever wish they...

The Fires

The Fires
  • Author(s): Alan Cheuse
  • Location(s): Uzbekistan, New England
  • Genre(s): Fiction
  • Era(s): early 21st century

Finely-honed portraits of hope and change, these two novellas are linked so skillfully that they achieve the intensity of a single novel in which some characters succeed and others fail on separate but equally compelling quests. In “The Fires,” Gina Morgan makes a pilgrimage to Uzbekistan...

The First Lie

The First Lie
  • Author(s): Virginia King
  • Location(s): Hawaii
  • Genre(s): Psychological Thriller
  • Era(s): 2013

“A dizzying array of events, mysteries, supernatural intrigue, and action.” Diane Donovan, Midwest BookReview Selkie Moon is a woman on the run. In a mad dash for freedom she’s escaped her abusive husband to start over in Hawaii. But...

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