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Grisly thriller set in Dublin

3rd December 2021

The Murder Box by Olivia Kiernan, grisly thriller set in Dublin.

Grisly thriller set in Dublin

The Murder Box has a very clever and original plot. Detective Chief Superintendent, Frankie Sheenan, is sent an intriguing anonymous birthday present. It is a sophisticated and well thought through murder mystery game in which the players have to follow clues to find a killer. But she soon discovers that this is no ordinary game – the clues reflect a real life mystery she is investigating. A young lady has gone missing… does the game indicate that she has in fact been murdered?  And what exactly was her relationship with Irish TV presenter, Teddy Dolan – also missing?

Frankie manages to identify the other players in the game, and a behaviour analyst working with the police is convinced that the murderer (the dismembered body of a young lady has by now been found) must be one of the players. But how to proceed? Each player is put under surveillance. But nothing emerges. Who is the murderer? Is he / she an additional player that has not yet been identified?

They have been given a day and time by which they must finish the game – and one of them must determine who the murderer is. Is the murderer playing with them? What will happen (another murder perhaps) if the ‘crime’ is not solved.

Frankie and her team work desperately hard to work out exactly what is going on. They get a break, but still cannot tie the perpetrator down.  Eventually, the climax to the book is both bloody and unexpected.

Dublin comes through loud and clear as the setting for The Murder Box. The clues are scattered around the city, and the locations will be very familiar to those who know the place well (which I, sadly, do not).

A really good, and original, crime thriller. Recommended.

Tony for the TripFiction team

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