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Mystery set in Connecticut (who is trying to forget…)

4th June 2017

All is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker, mystery set in Connecticut.

Who is trying to forget?

Mystery set in Connecticut

Jenny Kramer was excited to be invited to a house party by Doug Hastings. It was all she expected it to be, drink, parents out, music, but Doug was not alone.

The evening did not work out as Jenny had envisaged and hoped, but the account of that evening starts with a harrowing and explicit account of a brutal rape. The decision to give Jenny a treatment to ‘erase’ her memory of the attack is made by her parents. But, I thought how will she help to get her attacker? Are her parents trying to protect her? She is not the only character in this story who is trying to recall their memory of a very different, life impacting event.

For the first quarter of this book you do not know who the narrator is and I do not want to give it away, but the voice sets the tone for the book from their perspective. Offering their opinion and view about people’s characters and actions. It is a different style and the storyline is complex with the narrator at the centre almost like a conductor of an orchestra, trying to influence the criminal investigation and protecting their own family. Family relationships are unpicked, individuals examine themselves and expose secrets.

I am still not sure how I feel about this book. The narrator has views that made me ‘bristle’ and I felt some anger at the manipulation of people’s lives. There is some neuroscience in there and I felt the storyline lingered too much on the narrator’s indulgent thoughts. There are explicit sex scenes, which the narrator tells you are necessary! I was unsure about this but when I had finished it I think I understood why.

The only sense of place is that this is set in a small, affluent town called Fairview, Connecticut where you get a feeling everyone knows everyone and their business.

Despite all of this I was compelled to finish it, just to find out who did it!

But who is trying to forget?

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