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Mystery set in The Hamptons and New York

28th September 2017

The Pool House by Tasmina Perry, mystery set in The Hamptons and New York.

“Someone lied. Someone died”

What happens in The Hamptons, stays in The Hampton’s….and what indeed is it like to be in such a glamorous enclave over Summer weekends, spending weekdays in the frenzy of New York City? The author weaves a compelling story set against wonderfully rendered backdrops, amongst the smart and wealthy people who can meticulously plan their schedules so they can do just that.

Mystery set in The Hamptons and New York

Jem and Gus have arrived in New York from London, a young married couple looking forward to what the city can offer. Gus is a very focussed style editor who relishes the challenge of long days and climbing the greasy – but exciting – poll. Jem is at home, exploring the city, wondering what to do with her life…

Gus is more than delighted to be offered to share the expense of a weekend house in the Hamptons, only 2 hours from the city, joining an already established group of high-flyers. At around $2000 per weekend, it is a challenging sum for the young couple to find. But Gus sees it as another opportunity to scale the dizzying social heights. He brings his charm and schmooze and Jem brings her catering skills to craft excellent meals for the assembled group. But a shadow hangs over the summer weekends. One of the group last summer drowned in the pool, an accident and something that is definitely not up for discussion. Jem, however, is not comfortable with the status quo, especially when she realises that “no-one wants bad things to happen in The Hamptons“, it is too classy, too established, too precious to suffer a tarnished reputation. When she happens to meet best-selling author Michael Kearney (the George Clooney of the literary world), an erstwhile investigative journalist, she discovers various pieces of information, which, when brought together makes for a potentially different scenario.  Alice, the woman who drowned, was not seemingly the meek dolly bird that everyone portrays. Which members of the Summer weekend party have something to hide?

The author is great at establishing a really colourful and credible setting. She even slots in a few places which exist in real life, like the Lobster Roll at Amagansett and Per Se at Columbus Circle which makes the story feel really on point. The manicured gardens of the rich in The Hamptons, the perfection of the houses and the people, it all starts out as giddy excitement but pales as the story moves on. What lives. What pressures!

The story kept me hooked in as it gently weaves its way forward, picking up clues, bringing them to the fore with verve with a slightly disappointing ending. A good read both for the storyline and in terms of an excellent TripFiction book. Recommended.

Tina for the TripFiction Team

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