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Novel set across ASIA from RISHIKESH to HONG KONG and more

13th January 2021

The Backpacking Bride by Janice Horton, novel set across ASIA from Rishikesh to Hong Kong and more.

Novel set across ASIA from RISHIKESH to HONG KONG

In these times when it is pretty impossible to travel, it is delightful to come across a novel that is all about adventures in travel, with a generally uplifting storyline. Travelling by book is of course one great way to experience a more exotic and different setting when it is hard to leave one’s own shores.

In Jon, Maya has found the love her life but at the altar he drops dead. He had crafted a honeymoon itinerary that built in aspects of each of their history, so for him he incorporates a trip to an ashram in Rishikesh and for her a connection to childhood memories in Hong Kong. His body is taken back to England but his insensitive brother puts Jon’s house on the market, the home in which she and Jon intended to live together. She is de facto homeless.

So, as there is nothing really left for her back in the North West, she decides to take up her backpack and set off on the planned trip. Solo. She is also a woman of mature years and has never really travelled in adulthood before, so this is a BIG adventure for her.

First stop is Delhi and she negotiates her transport to Rishikesh, at the foothills of the Himalayas. This is the go-to centre for the ashram experience and of course, it is where The Beatles went for the spiritual enlightenment all those years ago.

Maya settles in, at times she has difficulty adjusting to the rigorous life and schedule, struggling with the burden of her loss. She does however learn some life lessons which hold her in good stead. She is then soon off to Hong Kong on the next leg of her itinerary and there her experience is the polar opposite to her hand-to-mouth existence at the ashram. It is 5* living from the off, being picked up a green Rolls Royce which is at her disposal for her entire stay. She experiences the delights of the city and then has an unscheduled visit to Macau where she has yet more new experiences, and, perhaps what one might call a lightbulb moment. Her travels then take her away from Hong Kong…

I enjoyed reading this over the course of a single day, when outside it was all grey and cold. It certainly transported me to new vistas and horizons and just for a short time I felt as though I had been on some kind of holiday (what’s that?) in these Covid times.

Tina for the TripFiction Team 

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