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Novel set near Fornalutx, Mallorca

12th June 2019

A Summer Reunion by Fanny Blake, novel set near Fornalutx, Mallorca:

Assembled on Mallorca: “.. a close-knot group of friends who over the years had survived bouts of bullying, exclusion, betrayals and secrets but who still scapegoated anyone who fell out of line…

Novel set near Fornalutx, Mallorca

Amy Green is a very successful interior designer, head of the company of the same name which she runs together with her husband. He however has announced that he is leaving her, with one of their employees in tow, to set up a similar business elsewhere. He has also purloined a considerable sum of money from the company.

Back in ’76 Amy was at school with GP Jane (actually she is an oncologist), Librarian Linda (to differentiate her from Jane, as they are a little indistinguishable in the early chapters but certainly grow into their characters as the story progresses) and Country Kate, a farmer’s wife up in Yorkshire. Amy was wrongfully accused of stealing her art teacher’s watch after he had sexually tried to assault her; she was then summarily expelled, dashing her hopes of a career in medicine. She is fully aware that one of her close friends set her up! But, who?

The departure of her husband stokes the desire to understand her past so that she can be free to tackle her future, and the idea of inviting the three erstwhile best buddies to her dream home on Mallorca seems a perfect way to uncover the old, mouldering truth. And get some closure on an old wound.

And thus the four reunite. All are now in their early 60s and each has a personal backstory. In the Mallorca sunshine they enjoy Amy’s luxurious hospitality in beautiful surroundings with wonderful food and wine, an enticing pool and more…. and as the hours pass, the story unfurls to reveal the circumstances of her expulsion. The then trendy art teacher certainly turned a few adolescent heads!

I read this book whilst on holiday in Mallorca and I was charmed to have many of the experiences that were going on in my daily life reflected in the strong prose in this novel. Here’s to many more ensaimadas!

A very readable novel that will transport you to sunny Mallorca. Perfect for a good read by the pool.

A Summer Reunion will also be the #TFBookClub read in July/August 2019. Keep your eyes peeled for further information!

Tina for the TripFiction Team

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