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#OnLiteraryLocation continues….. SARDINIA

14th June 2017

Andrew is continuing his literary adventure in Sardinia, following in the footsteps of author Rosanna Ley and the places and characters in her latest novel, The Little Theatre by the Sea. Catch his first post here.

Over to Andrew to pick up the thread.

Leaving the charming centro storico and riverbank of Bosa, I went back to the mouth of the Temo in search of the boatyard where Alessandro Rinaldi worked, just as Faye had….
“She made her way over towards the small boatyard Alessandro had shown her when they came here before. Before. It seemed like years ago.
She spotted him immediately. He was outside the boatshed in the yard, working on the hull of a wooden boat, dressed in faded shorts and a blue tee shirt splattered with paint. She watched him for a moment before he had a chance to realise that she was there. He seemed content in a way she’d rarely seen him, his brow clear, his focus exclusively on the boat he was working on, his brown hands sanding the wood in long, smooth strokes before sweeping the dust away”.
I was convinced I had found the boatyard from Rosanna’s story, and posted a few photos for her on TripFiction’s Twitter feed.

Boatyard Bosa

But her reply was that the boatyard: Could be… though his boatyard was a one man band and may have been quieter, fewer boats and more “rustico”…

Boatyard Bosa

I think Rosanna is enjoying this, watching me struggle to find the exact location one of her characters worked, and where Faye goes to engineer a showdown with the enigmatic Alessandro.
But perhaps Rosanna is right….had I inadvertently wandered over to the other side of the river mouth, to the separate area of Sas Covas where there are larger boatyards and across the river from Alessandro’s at Bosa Marina?
I’ll just have to go back again, and make absolutely sure. Being #OnLiteraryLocation is fun, but I feel like I’m dangling on the end of the author’s thread of imagination at times, just like her fictional characters….
Thanks to Andrew on location. More updates soon!
You can buy a copy of Rosanna’s book, The Little Theatre By The Sea here.
Andrew’s trip has been made possible by the generosity of Sardatur Holidays “Italian Holidays crafted from the finest ingredients” and you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook and via their website. And Andrew is staying at the Is Benas Country Lodge near Oristano, an intimate hotel with outstanding food and hospitality.
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For plenty more books set in SARDINIA, just click here!

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