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Talking Location With author Thea Lim – Galveston

3rd July 2018

TalkingLocationWith … author Thea Lim, who has set her novel “An Ocean of Minutes” in Galveston, Texas. Click on the map below to explore the locations in detail via Google Maps.

author Thea Lim

Though I set An Ocean of Minutes in an alternate world, all the novel’s locations are based on real places. My book is about nostalgia and loss, so writing about places in our actual world was a way to tap into our collective sense of faded things, especially since almost all the places I featured were already abandoned, or have been abandoned since I began the writing. I started the novel in early 2011, when I was living in Houston. Due to some bad luck with a student visa, I had to leave abruptly in the summer of 2012. These photos of Galveston are ones that I took on my last trip there. I tried to take as many photos as possible, not knowing when I would next have the chance to see this city that was so important to my story.

I chose the following places, and the roles they came to play in Polly and Frank’s story. I’ve included a few of the images of have of these spots, along with their introductory descriptions in the novel.

Moody Plaza

The headlights found a lone, gawky high-rise, age-spotted and brown, criss-crossed on one side with fire escapes, but gaping open on the other, this height-wise hole covered by a flap of plastic that slapped in the wind, a giant’s skirt…”Here we are! Best digs in town: Moody Plaza. For O-1s only.”

author Thea Lim

Battery Kimble

A hill appeared, a curious-looking thing. The ground didn’t slope up to make a base; it looked airlifted from elsewhere. It was not a hill at all. It was a broad, two-storey building, with overgrown shrubs and ivies and grasses, growing like ankle-length hair.

The Bolivar Peninsula

There were no pastel chalets or jetties cleaving the sea. There was nothing built, only things that had grown; no human etchings, only grain-coloured sand and dark water for miles.

Falstaff Brewery

Twelve minutes’ walk away, in an abandoned brewery part-condemned for asbestos, damp like a hole in the ground, criss-crossed by fallen catwalks and tumbled titanic plumbing, women made tiles for the bottom of swimming pools, for decorative sidewalks, for bathroom floors in beautiful places in other worlds.

The Grackals (these are a type of bird, ubiquitous in Texas!)

The sidewalk, steps, and awning were blanketed in black birds, all talking at once. She got too close. The edges of the crowd screamed in their high-pitched language.

The Flagship Hotel

We pass a hotel, an amazing monster, built right on the pier, the silty sea sloshing under its footing. Two forty-foot mermaids flank its logo, their nipples pointing the way to its name: the Flagship Hotel.

Thank you so much to Thea for sharing such wonderful literary wanderlust. Do follow her on Twitter and check out her website. You can buy her book through the Tripfiction database!

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