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Thriller set in the mountains of NORWAY

2nd June 2023

The Hike by Lucy Clarke, thriller set in the mountains of Norway.

Thriller set in the mountains of NORWAY

The novel is set in the mountains of Norway, around the hiking trails  Blafjell mountain.

Lucy Clarke has several novels under her belt and the experience shows. Of late, I have read several thrillers by debut authors who struggle to lay out a crisp narrative and often get sucked into a convoluted storyline, which is clearly well thought out but often loses itself in its busy-ness – as ever, so often less is more.

Four friends from Bristol have enjoyed an annual short break together – Helena, Liz, Maggie and Joni. Until now, they have opted for the more relaxing option of a poolside escape, but this year Liz has been tasked with finding a short holiday and has chosen a rather testing hike in Norway. She is a GP and has efficiently circulated exercise instructions, so that the group will be as fit as possible to tackle the task of wild camping and walking. Joni has not committed as she is a famous pop star and is on tour.

They assemble on the first evening at the local lodge, getting to know the locals (one member of the group going the extra mile 😉) and acquainting themselves with the lie of the land. The weather may be closing in and they learn that a young woman went missing not so long ago. Joni is a spontaneous late arrival and we already have a sense that she is the unreliable member of the group.

They set off, some with burgeoning blisters, others striding ahead, each trying to enjoy the multitude of natural September vistas. They manage the tent arrangements and continue along the appointed path but an unease gradually descends. When the storm comes in, they are forced to take shelter in a cave, having lost their hiking gear (including one of the hiker’s mother’s ashes) in a mudslide. A few argumentative scraps start to burgeon between the women until one rather unfortunate secret is spilled, which then escalates. The women now find themselves in a further fraught situation brought about by a disturbing discovery.

We are privy to elements of the search that took place for the missing woman, which adds an unsettling element to the proceedings.

Overall, a gripping, tense and engrossing read.

Tina for the TripFiction Team

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With thanks to the publisher for an early copy of the novel

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