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Thriller set mainly on IBIZA

15th November 2023

Girl Friends by Alex Dahl, thriller set mainly on Ibiza (and Wimbledon/Oslo).

Thriller set mainly on IBIZA

The novel opens in Wimbledon, where there is a significant Scandinavian expat community. Charlotte Vinge is the Keto Queen, well known on TV, with a well curated Social Media profile. She likes everything to be just so, but underneath she is not wholly fulfilled. Newly-arrived from Oslo is Bianka, who strides into Charlotte’s life like a whirlwind, and soon the two become friends.

Bianka is married to Emil and is step mother to Storm, who is a successful youth ski champion. His birth mother died under curious circumstances but his family unit protects him from untoward memories around the end of her life.

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Charlotte has a lovely villa on Ibiza, built on the land which houses her late mother’s derelict dwelling, a building which hasn’t really been touched for years. The modern building serves as a wonderful, restful retreat for Charlotte and two friends and they spend a week together every June, just chilling and shooting the breeze. This year Charlotte intends to ask Bianka to join them and of course she is aware of the change in dynamics this will inevitably cause but an unspoken sexual frisson drives her to a certain degree of recklessness – which is certainly not part of her public persona.

The novel bowls along with a nicely drawn Ibiza backdrop, and Wimbledon Village and environs will also be recognisable as a setting, what with walks in Cannizaro Park and get-togethers in Gail’s (artisan bakery). The sexual tension in the book is like an overlay that drives the plot forward until there is a death. And thereafter the ramifications puddle around the women, getting stickier and deeper, seeping into so many areas of their lives.

This is a good pool-side read.

Tina for the TripFiction Team

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