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#TFBookClub travels to Central America

21st July 2017

Do Not Become Alarmed by Maile Meloy is the latest #TFBookClub book of the month (July through early August 2017).


Set in an unidentified part of Central America (but there are clues as to which country it could be set in!), this is “a thriller with multi faceted strands that roil around like an octopus as the story unfolds.

TripFiction has recently announced an exciting new partnership with Silver Travel Advisor, the award-winning and unique travel reviews, information and advice website, especially for more mature travellers aged over 50 (fondly known as Silver Travellers).

So in order to parachute you into the location of the sinister plot of Do Not Become Alarmed, we bring together articles and features from Silver Travellers who have been to Central America themselves. The countries of Central America include Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama – and one of them of course is the setting for this book……

At the beginning of the book, Liv and Nora, cousins, have persuaded their spouses and children to venture on a cruise over the Christmas and New Year holidays down towards Central America. 

 – Click here for an article relating how the Panama Canal is one of the best 5 destinations in the world you can visit on a cruise.

– And although Mexico is on the cusp of both North and Central America, I think it’s fair to say that plot strands from the book may bring this exotic country to mind. Click here for seven highlights for an unforgettable visit to Mexico.

Photo: Silver Travel Advisor Colonial Leon & the Bubbling Mud Pots

– One Silver Traveller hopped ashore on an excursion to Nicaragua from his cruise ship. Read about his account of Colonial Leon & the Bubbling Mud Pots here.

– Staying on land, but in Guatemala this time, Tikal – Guatemala’s Mayan Splendour sounds just like the sort of adventure the resourceful children of Liv and Nora would have enjoyed. Find out more here.

– But perhaps the country uppermost in your mind as you read Do Not Become Alarmed will be Costa Rica. Here are 10 things you might like to know about this remarkable place. None involve drugs, abduction or murder! Click here to find out more.

And TripFiction’s Andrew enjoyed Costa Rica’s astonishing biodiversity, wildlife and activities when he travelled there himself, on a press trip with Silver Travel partner Explore. Click here for more information!

Photo: Silver Travel Advisor

While their husbands leave the ship to play golf, Nora and Liv go ashore with the children and a guide for a zip-lining experience, high above the cloud forest canopy. Andrew was lucky to enjoy this adventure, an exhilarating combination of nature and adrenaline, and lived to tell the tale. Check his adventure here. Likewise – SPOILER ALERT – he saw plenty of crocodiles, languishing on the muddy banks of the mighty Tarcoles river. And white-water rafting with expert guides was a whole lot safer for him than just drifting on the tide with a few rubber tyres, as Liv & Nora’s children do….to their cost.

Enjoy Do Not Become Alarmed, but as you can see from these Silver Travel experiences, reality would seem to be a whole lot safer than fiction

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