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Walking with Glenn Berkenkamp

21st November 2020

Walking with Glenn Berkenkamp, set mainly across the USA.

Walking with Glenn Berkenkamp

During 2020 many of us have taken to walking to relieve the stress of the pandemic and to ensure that exercise has a part in our lives, when our usual ways of keeping ourselves fit have gone by the way. It has also become a way to find relaxation, a way to switch off and engage with the present, when the world is in such turmoil.

In many ways, perhaps, this is an unusual book for us to review at TripFiction. But we felt that because when we visit cities in real life, we spend a lot of time walking and looking and walking and exploring, which is all part of the travel experience. Thus, practising healthy “Wellness” walking, which is what Berkenkamp advocates, is key to many of the experiences of travel.

This is a book, in essence, of learning to walk and becoming conscious of the process. It is, in other words, an exercise  in mindfulness.

Glenn offers a variety of 35 guided walks. Several actually look at the ergonomic motion and propulsion of how we get about, from the motion of the feet “Heel to Toe and Toe to Heel Balance Walks”, addressing balance (something that we often consciously need to work on) to the spiritual side – “Full Moon Walk”. He suggests, for example, in “Making the World (or at least your Neighbourhood) a Cleaner Place to Walk” that you might choose to do this litter pick with an attitude of gratitude and loving service rather than anger.

In essence he covers all the kinds of walks you could imagine and exhorts you to be present as you do them. Not all will appeal to the reader but I think there are sufficient walks with which to connect and enjoy. And perhaps find a different, more centred – and contented – way of being.

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Tina for the TripFiction Team

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