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Five great books set in ski resorts

5th December 2018

Ski resorts are the latest destination in our ‘Five great books set in…’ series. Five great books set in ski resorts.

Five great books set in ski resorts

After a tough day on the slopes, mellow with alpine air and hearty mountain food, you might be more inclined to pick up Adele Parks than James Joyceso with that in mind, here are a few suggestions for books set firmly in ski resorts, and as frothy as the bubbles in your al fresco jacuzzi….

Still Thinking of You by Adele Parks – set in AVORIAZ, FRANCE

Tash and Rich are wild about each other; their relationship is honest, fresh and magical, so they dash towards a romantic elopement in the French Alps. However, five of Rich’s old university friends crash the wedding holiday and they bring with them a whole load of ancient baggage.

Can Tash hold on to Rich when she’s challenged by years of complicated yet binding history and a dense web of dark secrets and intrigues?

And, as some of those secrets come to light, she has to ask herself does she even want to?

War and Piste by Alex Thomas – set in the AUSTRIAN ALPS

‘As of forty-three minutes ago, I am a seasonaire, whatever that means.’

When Poppy Connors swaps a life of suits and cappuccinos for a job as a ski rep, she soon finds that resort life on the side of an Austrian alp is more than she bargained for. Adapting to her new diet of Jägermeister, adrenaline and Europop, Poppy throws herself into this strange new world – a world in which 200 foot cliffs, midnight shootings and the intrigues of the megalomaniac resort manager soon start to feel normal.

When a growing love for backcountry adventures and the irresistible prospect of an illicit affair start to pull her in different directions, Poppy begins to wonder just how she will ever return to the life she left behind… Wickedly funny and utterly authentic, this is a novel for anyone with an intense love for melted cheese, neat spirits and deep snow – ideally all served together.

This is the diary of a season.

The Chalet Girl by Kate Lace – set in the FRENCH ALPS

The ski season. A glamorous world of snowy pistes, gorgeous ski instructors and glittering après-ski nightlife. What’s not to love?

Quite a lot, thinks Millie Braythorpe. Four months of endless bed-making and cooking for guests have taken their toll, and the only thing she really looks forward to is her nightly gig singing in a little French bar.

Then handsome troublemaker Luke comes to stay at her chalet, and before she knows it Millie’s head over heels in love. But is Luke to be trusted, or is her Alpine romance destined to end in heartbreak?

Five Ladies Go Skiing by Karen Aldous – set in LA TZOUMAZ, SWITZERLAND

When Ginny Watts’ husband passes away, she is left grief-stricken, not only over her husband’s death but the secrets he has left behind…

Luckily for Ginny, she has four wonderful friends – Lou, Cathy, Angie and Kim – poised to whisk her away on a ladies’ skiing holiday to beautiful La Tzoumaz, Switzerland.

While all of them appear to have their lives together from the outside, little do the ladies know that every single one of them is fighting a secret battle.

As the trip unfolds, they realise that fears of tumbling down the slopes after too much après-ski fun is the least of their worries and all is not what it seems…

Double Black by Wendy Clinch – set in VERMONT, USA

In DOUBLE BLACK, Boston’s twenty-something Stacey Curtis ditches her cheating fiancé and heads for a Vermont ski town. She’s looking for the life she’s always dreamed about, but she stumbles instead into financial intrigue, bitter family warfare, and murder.

Populated with quirky characters, loaded with New England atmosphere, and starring a young woman with nerve, spunk and a sense of humor about it all, DOUBLE BLACK is an exciting run down some treacherous mountain trails.

Andrew for the TripFiction Team

Which other titles would you add to this list? Any you would like to add to our database? Please leave your thoughts in the Comments box below, and you can buy any of these books through TripFiction by clicking on the link on any book page.

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  1. User: barbara baer

    Posted on: 05/12/2018 at 5:19 pm

    These pop fictions are fun but they melt away like thawed ski slopes and become mushy. Try “A Moveable Feast”, there’s enough snow and the old-fashioned endless Alpine ski slopes and an interloper who unravels Hemingway’s marriage.


    1 Comment

    • User: andrewmorris51

      Posted on: 05/12/2018 at 5:30 pm

      Thanks, Barbara. A well made point, we’re conscious that this list is a little mushy. Thanks for suggesting Hemingway’s ‘A Moveable Feast’ as a more sturdy read on the slopes. It’s in our database already, as short stories set mainly in Paris: https://www.tripfiction.com/books/moveable-feast/ – but you say some of the great man’s tales are Alpine? Thanks for taking the time to comment. TF


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